Institutional vision and Leadership




  • To develop leadership qualities among the pupil teachers.
  • Competency and skill to meet the social and economic need of society.
  • Excellence in teaching methods and strategies with ICT.
  • Social training.
  • The growth of an enlightened personality of pupil teachers.
  • To develop scientific temper and independence of mind and spirit.


  • To develop quality in teacher education.
  • To equip the present student teachers to prepare the learners to face the global challenges and vagaries of the future.
  • To equip the students as catalysts for the transformation of the society and nation building.
  • To be recognized as one of the finest institution in the Town for its Quality, Commitment and Excellence in Education.
  • To promote academic excellence by maintaining high teaching stand-ards.

  • Mission

  • To make the teacher students more confident to face challenges in their day to day teaching activities and life.
  • To prepare teachers professionally so that they can preserve, enrich and transmitted the Indian culture & values to the next generation.
  • To develop a sense of discipline among pupil teachers by introducing code of conduct, including punctuality. Dress code, uniform and ap-proved behavior are as per institutional norms.
  • To enable the students to live in harmony with self and with other in profession.
  • To provide opportunities to student teacher and faculty members to under take action research projects to gain new insights in teaching learning process.
  • To develop skill for information-processing and life long learning to handle technological advanced equipment & media.
  • To create awareness in students-teachers about the modern trends in Education to play multifaceted role in new millennium providing to serve the society by producing productive & committed teachers.

  • Values

  • To develop core values like inner qualities have good character, Punc-tuality, co-operation and truthfulness etc.
  • To build up self-esteem, self-discipline and respect for human values.
  • To enhance the qualities of co-operation, mutual understanding and dedication.
  • To enhance the qualities of co-operation, mutual understanding and dedication.
  • To provide Moral based education.
  • Equality.

  • Aims & Objectives

    The aim of the institute is its three Ds -- Discipline, Dedication and Duty.

    Objectives of the Institution

    The institution is established with the main aim of providing quality education to the teacher educators. The institution sets the following objectives:

  • To provide skill and trained teachers.
  • To foster and nurture good character.
  • To keep pace with information & communication technology.
  • To provide equal opportunities to all the pupil teachers.
  • To create awareness among the pupil teachers about the national and international concerns, economy and the environment.
  • To develop social outlook of the students.
  • To make good citizens / human beings.
  • To associate with the culture, traditions and rituals by organizing co-curricular activities.
  • To motivate students for taking part in zonal and inter-zonal youth festival and inter college competitions.
  • To impart quality and value based education.
  • To develop leadership quality among the prospective teachers to give new direction to the society in different spheres to the society in different types of activities like surveys, rallies, campaigns etc.
  • To promote inclusive education.
  • To develop awareness and attitude towards global trends.

  •  Courses   Available in the college

    • Teaching Of English
    • Teaching Of Hindi
    • Teaching Of Punjabi

    • Others:
    • Teaching Of Economics
    • Teaching Of History
    • Teaching Of Social Study
    • Teaching Of Maths
    • Teaching Of Science

    • Option Subjects (Part of Paper V B):
    • Education of Children with special needs
    • Value Education
    • School library and information services
    • Health and physical education

    • Work Experience Programme (Component II A):
    • Computer Craft
    • Interior Decoration
    • Gardening
    • Art and Painting

    Computer Centre & Learning Facilitators

    • The college computer centre has around 40 terminals connected through LAN (local area network).

    • To enhance the presentation of lectures, the college has a multimedia projection system and a good audio-visual setup. The gadgets range from Overhead Projectors, Xerox machines to Television, VCR to Audio Players.

    • The laboratories too have modern equipments as per the needs of the course work

    • Design department also has separate fully furnished labs well supported by Computer Lab

    Student Enrichment Programmes

    • Five days orientation programme is organized to orient the students about the programme, i.e orientation about the syllabus of B.Ed. , teaching subjects, craft options, physical activities, practice teaching, extension services, contemporary issues etc. they get some insight into infrastructure facilities available and have personal interaction with the faculty.
    • For the identify the other co-curricular activities preparedness a programme named Talent Search is organized. Name of the students according to their interest in craft, literary items, singing, dancing, theatrical items, acting, heritage item etc are noted down and accordingly proper training is provided.
    • Face to Face communication Programmes with a panel of teachers/parents/scholars visiting the institution.

    • Workshops on fluency & thinking skills are blended in the academic programmers. Theatre, dance, music, painting & personality development workshops are conducted to boost and refine the talents.

    • Book Talk to boost reading habits

    • Learning to 'do', to 'know', to 'be' and 'to live together' projects

    • Intensive Nutrition Programme for the young with focus on "EAT RIGHT" "COOK RIGHT".

    • The publication office brings out magazines / bulletins / brochures / reports / manuals covering the activities and write ups of the students & the faculty and also contributions from the community.

    • Audio visual and display boards are used for broadening the communication.

    • Yoga, aerobics, martial arts camps for the interested, other than the regular NSS activities.

    • In sports the college offers 32 games in all and to name a few we have, Judo, Table Tennis, Fencing, Ball Badminton, Athletics, Cross Country, Basket Ball, Weightlifting, Handball, Softball, Yoga, Badminton, Lawn-Tennis, Kho Kho & Cricket. The college can boast of pride performances in inter-varsity and national level competitions.

    • The college holds co-academic & cultural Programmes under the aegis of Youth Welfare Department and prepares teams for participation in Youth Festivals.

    • The college has Career Counselling Cell, On Job Training Cell, Placement Cell & Women Enlightenment Forum, all in consonance with its Vocationalisation Programmes.